Which server should I choose?

With your account you have access to all of our servers. But not all are ideally suited for the same purposes. If you want to bypass geographic IP restrictions you have to choose the server according to the country of site you want to visit. E. g.: BBC iPlayer = UK Server; Hulu = USA Server

If you want to bypass government censorship, you can choose any server. All of our servers are completely uncensored and give you restriction-free access to the internet.

But not all servers will give you same speed. To connect to our VPN you will likely be passing through fifteen (15) different routers getting from your ISP to us. If any one of those routers starts experiencing packet loss, this will affect your VPN connection.

The problem is that ISP's oversell their residential customers, hoping that not everyone will use their bandwidth at once. Unfortunately sometimes that does happen. ISP's compensate by prioritizing packets, keeping the web snappy and customers thinking their ISP is fast. But prioritizing one type of traffic means that other types of traffic get slower. VPN may be at the low end of what your ISP considers priority traffic. This can cause slowdowns and disconnects.

You can minimize speed loss by choosing the best server for your location. Normally, but not always, that will mean the geographically nearest server. To get the most precise speed statistics don't try any of those fancy "dsl speed tests" on the internet. Their results are often ridiculously inaccurate. To really test the speed from your computer to a server, everything you need is already in your OS. Just open your command prompt or terminal on Mac.

For instance, to test the latency for our US server, type:

ping us1.yourprivatevpn.net

This will return the time packets take to get from your computer to our server. If you do this test with all of our servers, you will find which one is fastest for you.

Likewise, to see how many hops its take for a packet to travel the same route, just use the following command:

tracert us1.yourprivatevpn.net

 Linux and Mac users need to use the following commands:

traceroute us1.yourprivatevpn.net

Obviously the best and fastest server for you will be the server with the lowest ping time and the fewest hops.

You can also configure multiple VPN connections and name them according to the country in which the server resides. This way you can switch very quickly between servers when you need/want to.