Avoid Censorship

YourPrivateVPN allows you to bypass any access restrictions imposed by governments or internet service providers. Thus allowing you to safely visit Internet sites that your government or ISP doesn’t want you to see. Our service also allows the free and secure use of VoIP Services such as Skype, MSN and ICQ.

Because certain governments block access to various Internet sites (like Facebook, YouTube, and/or adult content), prior to travel you should know whether you will be able to access critical resources at your destination. This Wikipedia entry can give you an idea of government imposed restrictions at your destination.

To get restriction-free access to the Internet in any country:

1. Choose a plan
2. Make an anonymous payment
3. Download and run the "Easy Connect" for PPTP and  the" YourPrivateVPN -Viscosity" application for OpenVPN. Type your username and password into the corresponding fields.
4. Press Connect.

Enjoy uncensored Internet access anywhere. You are now protected by YourPrivateVPN.