YourPrivateVPN - EasyConnect

For a PPTP connection we've created a very useful little tool to assist you in connecting to the YourPrivateVPN network. We call it "EasyConnect". You just need to fill in user name and password. You can download it here:

You want to know your operating system? Please check it >> here.

Download Operating System Architecture
Windows XP x86 - 32bit
Windows Vista, Windows 7 x86 - 32bit
Windows Vista, Windows 7 x64 - 64bit
Windows 8 x86 - 32bit
Windows 8 x64 - 64bit

EasyConnect has some nice features you'll want to know about:

  • Security - All settings are preconfigured to only allow connections at the highest security level. Only connections with MPPE-128bit and MS-CHAPv2 will be created.
  • Automatic Reconnection - If your connection unexpectedly drops, EasyConnect will automatically re-establish the connection after 60 seconds. This way you won't need to worry that your real IP will be exposed.
  • Automatic Server List Update - As we expand our server network it can become cumbersome for you to maintain VPN connection profiles for multiple server locations. With EasyConnect you can now easily change the VPN server in the connection properties. We have also integrated an update mechanism, which allows us to keep your server list up to date at all times.