Bypass Geographic Restrictions

Changing your IP to the IP of one of our servers gives the impression that you are located in that server's geographic region. This is how YourPrivateVPN allows you to access any website despite geographically based filters/restrictions or censorship imposed by any ISP or government.

It is easy to block websites in regions that are not profitable or are somehow considered a threat to a certain company or ideology. With our service, you will not be blocked or have your information compromised when you want to purchase some special item or have access to your bank account.

Examples of geographical filters which can be bypassed with YourPrivateVPN:

  • The USA iTunes Store - TV Shows, Movies, Renting Movies, only available in the US
  • Several Poker and Betting sites are geographically restricted
  • The BBC and Iplayer -  British Content only available in Britain
  • - Movies only for US based viewers
  • with our Swiss server offers a wide range of European TV stations
  • - some videos are only available to US based viewers
  • - registration only available to UK bases IP's
  • ZDF Mediathek - Only available to German IP's
  • - videos available only to US IP's
  • - videos available only to US IP's
  • - SIP service available only to US IP's