Hide your Conversations

In reality, all of the messages (email, chat, etc.) that you send from your computer can be intercepted, and read by people who shouldn’t read them. YourPrivateVPN encrypts your messages in a way that your messages can only be read by your intended recipients.


How/Where can an email message be intercepted?

Any message you send can be intercepted at any point on the way to your recipient. All email messages are stored on AT LEAST two servers: the sender's mail server and the recipient's mail server.

Furthermore, if a message is addressed to a bank, an Investment Company, your business partners, etc., it can very easily attract the attention of IT staff that perform mail server monitoring. And there is nothing to prevent unscrupulous IT staff, with access to a mail server, from opening and reading any message. Another problem is that unauthorized personnel or hackers can gain access to a mail server where physical access security and network security are weak.

To achieve total security and freedom of communication follow these steps:

To protect yourself:
1. Choose a plan
2. Make an anonymous payment
3. Download and run the "Easy Connect" application. Type your username and password into the corresponding fields in the Easy Connect tool.
4. Press Connect.

Enjoy your privacy. You are now protected by YourPrivateVPN.