Watch Streaming TV from Other Countries

Many streaming TV or video sites are geographically restricted due to the lack of international distribution agreements. In some cases, major sporting events like the Olympics or the World Cup are broadcast only within the country of origin. You can bypass these restrictions with local IP's from YourPrivateVPN in 7 countries.

Popular sites, like or, can only be accessed with a USA IP address. Our Canadian customers are able to access famous TV series from the USA at British expatriates in Spain or Malta happily watch the BBC, Iplayer or ITV with our British IP, and German expatriates can access ZDF Mediathek and N-TV from anywhere. Finally, connect to our Swiss server and you can also access Zattoo, with its many European TV Channels.

As we offer very fast servers, the transmission normally has no interruptions. But for customers in distant regions, a smooth data transmission can't always be guaranteed yet. So we recommend to ask for a trial account to check whether the "reception" is satisfactory for your needs.

To get free access to streaming video in any country:
1. Choose a plan
2. Make a payment with paypal or OKpay .
3. Download and run the "Easy Connect" application. Type your username and password into the corresponding fields in the Easy Connect tool.
4. Press Connect.

Enjoy your free access. You are now protected by YourPrivateVPN.